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Weekend Surevey: Productivity Tools

Next week I’m going to be talking about the few programs, notebooks, and work-flows that I use to help keep organized and productive throughout my day. What do you use that helps you get things done? How do you stay productive and organized? Or are you?

Is Blogging Losing Steam?

A recent observation on Randy’s site mentioned the downward spiral of blogs within the IHOP circle with some commentors piping in that it was universal. But is it really? Technorati From Technorati’s About Page: The World Live Web is incredibly active, and according to Technorati data, there are over 175,000 new blogs (that’s just blogs) [...]

What’s Your Fear About Fasting?

In light of Robin’s comment I wanted to use the survey this weekend to de-mistify some of our fears about fasting. Your fear may be legit or it may be goofy, but just get them out there. Often, just admitting the fear helps us realize how odd it is.

What’s Your Favorite Spring Past-Time?

What is your favorite spring/summer past-time? Camping? Water Parks? Amusement Parks? Vacations in the motor-home to distant relatives?

Group Project: Daily Goals Continuation

This weekend I want to keep plugging the group project I started last weekend. Several people have written some excellent focuses for their day. I’m seeing an amazing trend of people genuinely commit to make encounter with Jesus a main priority and to see it happen in real time and space every day. Something else [...]

Weekend Survey: Your Blog’s Hidden Pillar Post

Every blog has them: Those posts you toiled over but nobody discovered. After a few days it slowly moseyed down your main page and finally fall over the edge and into the abyss of the archives never to be read or commented on again. This weekend, your job is to tell us about that hidden [...]

Weekend Survey: Learning From Life Transitions

Most of you know about the massive change of seasons in my own life over the past 6 months (leaving Merchant Band, changing roles at IHOP, and a few other things). Several people around me are also in a season of transition. It happens: we all know that life changes and goes up and down. [...]

Weekend Survey: Dating

This weekend’s survey was suggested by a reader. The topic is dating. Who, how and when; and what about celibacy? I think a great way to discuss this is for us to share our own stories. Those of us who are married may want to share how we met, pursued and finally got hitched with [...]

What Does ‘Sincerity with Application’ mean to you?

I’ve talked about this recently and it’s someting that is still on my mind. In fact I think it’s something the Lord is even speaking to many of you as well. I want to know what you think: To you what does it mean to have sincerity with application?

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