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twitter: 311 Updates Later

After 311 updates I like twitter now more than ever. When I first signed up for twitter I wanted to solely incorporate it into my blog and use the messages I sent to twitter (a.k.a. “tweets”) as mini blog posts resting in the sidebar. But after a few months of using twitter like that, I [...]

Review: iGTD

A program that I have come to love is a free (for now) task management application called iGTD. It is a simple and powerful tool for keeping things organized within your life. It can handle personal projects, work projects, and everything in between.

My Jobs Keynote Muse

I just read through Engaget’s live blog from the WWDC07 Keynote by Jobs. Some may be disappointed to not see a few things they were hoping for (*COUGH* 12″ MBP *COUGH*), but I think it was a good kick-off to the conference. Nothing intensely new, but a few more features for Leopard make it that [...]

What I’m Reading

Thanks for the linkage yesterday. I added Newsvine and Digg Technology to my news feeds. Digg is hard to keep up with, and it’s apparent I’ll just have to deal with the many unread articles it adds to my RSS list. In addition to my new news feeds I also follow several blogs. Some personal, [...]

The Lion, the Witch and my Laptop

C.S. Lewis has invaded my computer. You could call it Mere Nerdery. It all started when I got my 12″ PowerBook two years ago and named it Reepicheep. Now, even my peripherals are named from an element within his books. My backup hard drive is dubbed “The Wardrobe” my iPod is “Turkish Delight” and my [...]

Screenshot 2

If you’re like me you change your desktop background about as often as your socks – but for different reasons I hope. I’ve had about 3 different backgrounds since the last screenshot post. Here’s what I’m sporting right now (You can click it for the 100% version). What’s yours look like right now? Give us [...]

Review: Geek & Mild

If you lean more towards the nerdery on The Fight Spot then I imagine that Geek & Mild will become one of your new favorite reads. Sean writes with a flare and pizazz that is enjoyable and enlightening to read. In addition to the fact that he is a Christian – which makes reading his [...]

Tour My Mac: Applications Worth Paying For

One could conceivably get by without ever paying for an application. But sometimes by pitching in a few extra bucks (or for some applications several hundred) you get your money’s worth and then some. There are a handful of apps I use daily that I bought and never looked back. Here are the programs I [...]

Tour My Mac: The Dashboard

The OS X dashboard. What a brilliant invention. I press F12 about 9,000 times a day. The dashboard makes life on my computer – and life in general – a little bit easier. Here are the dashboard widgets I’m currently using. I use all of them every day and none of them not every day.

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