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The Gospel’s Native Environment

The Gospel is a martyr’s gospel. As the song goes, it bids us come and die that we may have true life. Growing up, my view of the End Times was that we, the Church, would either (a) not be here for it, or else (b) we would hide out and just make it through. [...]

The Perplexing Power of Friends of the Bridegroom

If there was a Hall of Fame for chapters in the Bible John 1 would be in there for sure; along with Psalm 119 and Revelation 10. And probably Joel 2, Revelation 1, Ephesians 1-3, Phillipeans 3, and John 17 too. Anyway, back to John 1. I love the story where the priests come up [...]

Closet Atheism, Habitual Sins and the Truth

When I graduated from high school an older pastor and his wife took me out to lunch. They bought me a cheeseburger and gave me a Bible. In the cover he wrote to me: “This book will keep you from sin, and sin will keep you from this book.” We can only serve one god: [...]

Freedom and The Fasted Lifestyle

You know when you hear someone say something really profound, and it’s like you always knew what they said but you never actually thought about it before? It’s not that you’ve suddenly learned something new, but that you suddenly heard something in a new way. Or maybe you heard it out-loud for the first time, [...]

But Noah…

Genesis Six has one of the biggest buts in the Bible. God was sorry that He had made man. He was grieved in his heart. Think about that. God was sorry he had made man. ouch. So the Lord decides to destroy man. He decides to wipe out everyone because they’re so wicked. And not [...]

Skill to Understand the Bible

For several months I have been studying Romans with seemingly no progression into revelation. Romans isn’t the only book I’ve been studying but it’s the one I’ve been studying as my personal study plan. (I have an end-times study plan for my e12, and a Daniel Academy study plan for my TDA class.) I spend [...]

Like Begets Like

A little over two years ago IHOP started something that is now common-place in our community. Prayer Room Teams. They used to be optional, and now they’re a standard part of being on staff. If you’re on staff you’re on a prayer room team or else you’re on a worship team. That’s how it is. [...]

3 Myths About the Holy Spirit

My wife leads a prayer room team in the afternoons that has a strong focus on the power of the indwelling Christ, and communion with the Holy Spirt. She wrote up a handout debunking some myths concerning the person of the Holy Spirit, and I must say it’s outstanding. Here are a few of the [...]

Pressing Toward the Goal – Plus The Inside Scoop on What’s up With The Lack of Posts on The Fight Spot

It was right around July the 2nd that things began to change for me in a dynamic way that was quite unexpected. For over five years at IHOP I had been a drummer. What that means is that nearly all my time serving the missions base was centered around the prayer room. When I wasn’t [...]

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